Glehs1.jpgndale Fire Station

The Glendale Firehouse is located at 424 N. Sappington Rd.  The station was built in 1926 and is located adjacent to the city hall and the police station.




1400_1401_a.jpg1400 is the Fire Chief vehicle.  This vehicle is used for incident command at emergency calls and for administrative purposes.

Engine CO. 1414

DSC_7439_reduced.jpg1414 is the main rescue pumper used by the Glendale Fire Department.  1414 responds to fires, vehicle accidents, emergency medical calls and more.


Support Unit 1419

IMG00953.jpg1419 is used as an equipment and personnel mover.  It is used as means to get extra personnel to emergency scenes, carry supplies, and pull equipment trailers.

Disaster Response Trailer

DRT_Wrap.JPGThe Glendale Fire Department has created a Disaster Response Trailer.  This trailer can be deployed in the event of a large disaster such as a tornado or earthquake.  The trailer has a large supply of medical equipment that might be needed during a large scale disaster.

Training Unit

IMG_1965.jpgThe Glendale Fire Department has a trailer dedicated for hauling and storage of some of it's training props.  This trailer can be used to haul large training equipment such as scba tunnels and other bulky training equipment to designated training sites.